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Complete Equestrian have an outstanding range of turnout rugs to keep your horse warm, dry and snug whatever the weather. Our large selection of turnouts, from top brands like Masta and Horseware Ireland, will protect and shield from even the harshest weather and keep your horse clean and dry out in the fields. For the summer months we have a large range of coolers and stable rugs to keep your horse comfortable after competition, during travel or in the stable.

If you have any questions about the products in this section please email or call us on 02920 866126.

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Legacy 200g Combo Turnout Rug
Legacy Turnout Neck Cover
Legacy Turnout Rug 0g
Legacy 200g Stable Rug
Catago 300g Stable Rug
Avante Light Pony Turnout Rug
Catago FIR-Tech healing rug Black
Catago FIR-tech Healing rug turq
Catago FIR-tech Healing rug grey 115cm
Catago Cooler
Catago Quarter Sheet
Avante 170 Turnout Rug

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